Last update: January 2019

Journal Articles

(2019, forthcoming). Five decades of HOPE. History of Political Economy, 51 (4).

(2018) Textbooks in the history of recent economics: the case of Samuelson’s Economics, History of Political Economy, 50 (3), pp. 579-85.

(2018) Seeking the “museum of the future”: Public exhibitions of science, industry, and the social, 1910–1940, History of Science, (OnlineFirst, 8 June 2018), with Loïc Charles.

(2016) The Place of the History of Economic Thought in Mainstream Economics, 1991-2011, Viewed Through a Bibliographic Survey, Journal of the History of Economic Thought,38 (4), pp. 431-62, with Pedro Duarte (supplementary materials).

(2014) Negotiating the ‘Middle-of-the-Road’ Position: Paul Samuelson, MIT and the Politics of Textbook Writing, 1945-55, History of Political Economy, Annual supplement, 46 (5), pp. 134-52.

(2013) Economics for the Masses: The Visual Display of Economic Knowledge in the United States (1921-1945), History of Political Economy, 45 (4), pp. 567-612, with Loïc Charles.

(2010) The Changing Place of Visual Representation in Economics: Paul Samuelson between Principle and Strategy, 1941-1955Journal of the History of Economic Thought, 32 (2), pp. 175-97.

(2009) Tilting at (Imaginary) Windmills: A Comment on Tyfield. Erasmus Journal for Philosophy and Economics, 2 (1), Summer 2009, with E. Roy Weintraub, pp. 52-9.

Co-Editorship of Symposiums or Special Issues

(2018). Not Everything that Can be Counted Counts: Historiographic Reflections on Quantifying Economics, a special issue of the Journal of Economic Methodology, 25 (4),  with José Edwards and Christophe Schinckus (introduction).

(2018) Néolibéralisme partout, néolibéralisme nulle part ? Discussion autour d’un texte de Philip MirowskiZilsel, n°3, pp. 139-145, avec Béatrice Cherrier.

Book chapters

(2018) Textbooks in the Historiography of Recent Economics, A Contemporary Historiography of Economics, edited by Till Düppe and E. Roy Weintraub, Oxon: Routledge, pp. 137-54.

(2014) Legitimizing Napkin Drawing: The Curious Dispersion of Laffer curves, 1978-2008, Representation in Scientific Practice Revisited, edited by Catelijne Coopmans, Janet Vertesi, Michael Lynch and Steve Woolgar, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp. 269-90.

(2010) The Circular Flow Diagram, Famous Figures and Diagrams in Economics, edited by Mark Blaug and Peter Lloyd, London : Edward Elgar, with Roger Backhouse, pp. 221-32. 

Review articles

Action rationnelle et raison de l’histoire: à propos de William Thomas, Rational Action: the Sciences of Policy in Britain and America, 1940-1960Zilsel. Science, Technique, Société, n°2 (septembre 2017), pp. 327-42.

Le Blues du dominant: à propos de Pierre Cahuc et André Zylberberg, Le Négationnisme économique et comment s’en débarrasser. Zilsel. Science, Technique, Société, n°1 (janvier 2017), pp. 351-69.

Book reviews

The Dissemination of The Wealth of Nations in French and in France 1776–1843 by Kenneth E. Carpenter. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 2004, vol. 63 n°4, pp. 939-943.

Le Libéralisme de Hayek by Gilles Dostaler. Revue d’Economie Politique, 2002, vol. 112 n° 2 pp. 299-301.

Working papers

“The Contestable Marketplace of Ideas: Paul Samuelson’s Defense of Mainstream Economics through Textbook Making, 1967-1976(download)


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