About Yann Giraud


Photo : Lionel Pages

I am a historian of economics. My main topic is the history of visualization in recent economics. I study how diagrams, graphs, pictures and tables have been used by economists as means of theorizing and/or for educational purposes. My most recent work is concerned with the history of economic education in the United States in the postwar period. I am interested in the way changes in economics textbooks and curriculums, as well as the more institutional debates within the economics professions, have reflected and/or affected the development of economic theorizing and its role in dealing with social issues. Broadly speaking, I am interested in how the development of economic methods is entrenched in peculiar communities and cultural practices. I am curious about how far we can go in using science studies and cultural history as role models for writing interesting new narratives in the history of economics.

I am a Professor at CY Cergy Paris Université at the Language and International Studies Departement and Director of the AGORA research center. Every year, I co-organize HISRECO, the Conference on the History of Recent Economics. I am a member of the board of the Association Charles Gide and of the editorial board of the newly created ‘Science and Technology Studies’ journal Zilsel.

I tweet @yannbgiraud.

Curriculum Vitae (Last updated: September 2020, in French)